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In the News: Documentary filmmaker discusses OLCDC's plans for Opa-locka

In a Sunday, April 24, 2011, Miami Herald article, entitled "Two Tales of a City," French filmmaker Armand Morin discusses his upcoming documentary on Opa-locka, Opa-locka Will Be Beautiful. In the article, Morin notes that the "idea of having a vision for the City has always been very important" and points to the OLCDC's desire for change and pragmatic plans to "preserve the history, industry and architecture of the City, while at the same time improving the neighborhood's facades."

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OLCDC reaches out to Hispanic community

OLCDC held its first Spanish-language Homebuyer Education Workshop on Saturday, April 16, 2011, in Hialeah, part of a joint venture with Empire Realty. Wilma Alvarez, Broker with Empire Realty, contacted OLCDC in January to discuss ways to bring our homebuyer information to a wider audience and helped identify the following partners for a well rounded Workshop: Trident Title, America's Best Home Inspectors, JPM Chase, Miami-Dade HCD and Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust. 

OLCDC thanks all presenters, Ms. Alvarez, and her staff for making the Workshop a success. 

OLCDC staff members already have received calls about future Spanish workshops, the dates and locations of which will be announced on this Web site. Because of the current housing market, OLCDC will continue to promote and host workshops and provide housing services that allow low-moderate income individuals to remove obstacles to homeownership. To view OLCDC's current schedule of HUD-approved Homebuyer Education Workshops, click here.

In the News: OLCDC to renovate and sell homes in Miami Garden's Bunche Park and Rainbow Park

As reported in a recent South Florida Times article, the OLCDC plans to use some of its $20 Million NSP2 grant funds to renovate and sell homes in both Bunche Park and Rainbow Park, Miami Gardens.


In the News: OLCDC celebrates first NSP2 acquired, rehabilitated, single family home!

The OLCDC and special guest Ms. Mercedes Marquez, Assistant Secretary, Community Planning and Development, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Washington, DC, celebrated the sale of our first rehabilitated NSP2 single family home in Magnolia North ~ Opa-locka with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  See the HUD blog entry on the event.

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Event photos! Click thumbnails to view larger images.

Volunteers encourage Magnolia residents to help beautify their neighborhood

Staff from OLCDC and Citizens for a Better South Florida were out in full force Saturday, January 15, 2011, visiting residents in approximately 60 homes on Rutland and Wilmington Streets in the Magnolia neighborhood in Opa-locka. The volunteers hit the streets armed with surveys to help determine the needs of the residents and homeowners and left behind information on the Opa-locka Home Beautification Program and Home Rehabilitation Programs.

Part of the effort to transform the area through new and renovated housing, the day's activities were the beginning of OLCDC's strategy to stabilize the neighborhood and help residents understand the importance of increasing home values.  OLCDC celebrated the completion of its first rehabilitated home in the area on January 25, 2011.

Community Newspapers spotlights Opa-locka Magnolia Housing Redevelopment

A January 3, 2011, Community Newspapers article entitled "Opa-locka Magnolia housing redevelopment 'kick-off:' a circle of light changes the shape of 'the Triangle'" spotlights the partners, including OLCDC, and the plans for housing redevelopment in Opa-locka's Magnolia North neighborhood.

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Opa-locka Vision 20/20 - Design Charette Community Presentation & Reception - See event PHOTOS!

OLCDC shared its "Opa-locka Vision 20/20" at a Design Charette Community Presentation & Reception on Thursday, December 2, 2010, at the Historic Opa-locka City Hall & Courtyard.  Click here to read "Transforming a City: Hope for Opa-locka" in the South Florida Times.

"Opa-locka Vision 20/20" Presentation & Reception - Click thumbnails to view larger images.

OLCDC hosts a Design Charette to form plans for Magnolia North - Check out event PHOTOS!

On November 30 - December 2, 2010, the OLCDC hosted a design "charette" in a renewed effort to increase economic opportunity, provide better housing and create a more attractive environment for the Magnolia North neighborhood. Nationally renowned architects, planners and housing professionals joined local government officials and members of the Opa-locka community to develop a plan for this area commonly known as The Triangle. Click here to read the Charette press release.  Click here to read "National Experts to Focus on Transforming Neglected Neighborhood" in the South Florida Times.

11/30-12/1 Introductions, Bus/Walking Tour, Team at Work - Click thumbnails to view larger images.

Letter to Herald Editor explains significance of Miami-Dade's NSP2 funding

A November 13, 2010, Letter to the Editor in the Miami Herald, written by Annie Lord, executive director of the South Florida Community Development Coalition, highlights the far reaching community development potential of the $89 million NSP2 funding in which the OLCDC shares.


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