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Art and culture are key drivers for transformation of Opa-locka into a desirable place to live, work, create, and play. The arts have been infused throughout our revitalization efforts, from housing to infrastructure development to education and more. We are committed to providing unique arts-based social and economic opportunities for current and future residents as well as visitors and stakeholders. These initiatives are meant to make quality art of all forms easily accessible and engrained into everyday life in Opa-locka.



This exhibit presents an intergenerational dialogue between established African artists born on the continent and those living in the Diaspora who deal with post-colonial themes like cultural heritage, identity and religion.

light district

Created by O,Miami and OLCDC, ten city streetlamps along Opa-Locka Blvd have been transformed into poetry projection devices.

casting shadows

A video exhibit, Casting Shadows will present counter-narratives by young filmmakers exploring Black narratives that move beyond the common themes of police brutality, slavery, and Black death that dominate media attention.

Beyond Tradition presents an intergenerational dialogue between established African artists born on the continent and those living in the Diaspora including Ouattara Watts (b. 1957) Ivory Coast/USA, Viyé (Vita) Diba (b. 1954) Senegal, Tesfaye Tessema (b. 1952) Ethiopia/USA, Malangatana Valente Ngwenya (1936-2011) Mozambique/Portugal and others. Drawing on post-colonial themes, these artists deal with a range of issues such as cultural heritage, identity, migration and religion in various styles and mediums. While most works on view will draw from William Karg’s Collection of African art, the exhibition will expand to engage emerging artists from the African Diaspora. The encounter aims to address ideas evolving out of diverse colonial conditions where artists continually adapt, quote, and critique European strategies and representations of Africa.

OLCDC-85. Ouattara Watts. b. 1957. Ivory Coast
OLCDC-18. Bernard Takawira. b

ABOUT beyond tradition

Opa-locka light district
O, Miami-Opa-LockaLightDistrict-Map-061821-1-1.jpg

Created by O'Miami and OLCDC, 10 city street lamps along Opa-Locka Boulevard have been transformed into poetry projection devices. The poems gathered can be found projected onto the walls and sidewalks of several buildings. Below, you'll find a map of where each poem is placed. Each poem addresses topics of light, democracy, public safety, transportation, and infrastructure.


Hurry and visit the Light District before July 31st, as they'll be taken down for hurricane season. Be sure to use the hashtag #OpalockaLightDistrict when sharing your photos on social media so we can see them!

upcoming events

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Genius Species seeks to create a genus of Human genius and to celebrate the effects of the Black Woman’s planetary existence. Wallace curates a restorative and playful art environment featuring the work of Christina Edwards, Grace Hampton, Ciara Newton, Briana Pizarro, Ebony Y. Rhodes, T. Thompson and Sarah Stefana Smith.

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