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The Census Is Not Cancelled

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We understand everyone is feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in their lives and the world around them. Your social life is much different now than it was three weeks ago, and the scary part is it’s changing by the minute.

With all the changes happening, we want to make sure you know that….THE 2020 CENSUS IS NOT CANCELLED. The Census is a questionnaire taken every ten years to count the population of the country to determine where federal money is allocated – from new hospitals and schools to better roads and more public benefits. Like the coronavirus, while you might not see it, the census affects us all.

And, for the first time in history, you can be counted by completing the census questionnaire online at It’s quick, easy, and it’s safe. Your information is protected by U.S. law for 70 years. So, your privacy is ensured by the law, so it is 100% safe. No entity, including federal, state or local government, can access the information.

So, if you’ve got free some time on your hands while you’re social distancing, take the census.

The deadline to complete it is July 31st . But, why wait until then. #AvoidThe Knock.


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