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Events happening during Art Basel, like Art of Black Miami and more

Art has the power to influence and inspire, but it also has the ability to connect people. There’s a lot of unique events and exhibitions in town this week. We’re checking out some special shows where culture is on display.

Art is all about connection at “Art of Black Miami.”

Connie Kinnard: “Our goal is to connect the visitor to artist and artist to the visitor.”

The event empowers black artists by making sure their work gets seen in the 3-0-5 thanks to the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Connie Kinnard: “Our neighborhoods have many cultures, and so Art of Black Miami is a way to showcase those cultures.”

One of those neighborhoods is Little Havana.

The Umbrellas of Little Havana Art Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Pati Vargas: “When you come to the festival, you will find art of all mediums by local artists, and then also the focal point of the festival, which are going to be beautiful hand-painted patio umbrellas.”

There’ll be 25 umbrellas on display and on sale this year.

Pati Vargas: “Not one of them is the same as the other, and they’re just all beautiful.”

Now that’s one way to have it made in the shade.

In Opa-Locka, the Art of Transformation takes center stage.

Isabella Marie Garcia: “The overall goal of Art of Transformation is to really showcase this incredible range of artists, not only here in Miami but also just globally, in the Caribbean, all the way to Africa to Europe.”

The five-day event features multiple displays with everything from live performances to paintings to exhibits like the Afrikin.

Alfonso Brooks: “Afrikin is a fusion of two words: African and kinship, which is gonna have a beautiful exhibit of over 40 artists.”

This one’s here to make an impact.

Alfonso Brooks: “You get to really understand why Black art is so important from a political aspect, socio economic aspect and really from an artistic aspect. It’s really important that people can really, really embrace that.”

All the events mentioned are free. Yeah, we like free.


Art of Black Miami – Greater Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau 701 Brickell Ave. # 2700, Miami, FL 33131 888-766-4264

Umbrellas of Little Havana Art Festival 1637 SW 8th St. Miami, FL 33135 305-972-5774

Art of Transformation 675 Ali Baba Ave., Opa-locka, FL 33054 305-687-3545

Afrikin 6815 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33138 305-900-5523

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