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OLCDC Client Succeeds Through Programming

Meet Carlos. Carlos lives in Opa-locka and has taken advantage of several of the programs OLCDC has to offer.

Carlos attended our very first Tech Hire Comp TIA+ course offered. He successfully

completed this course and is in the process of attaining his certification to go on and get a job in the tech industry--one of the highest paying industries in the country.

In the meantime of getting his certification, he attended our Fresh Start Program, in which participants are prepared for job/career placement. Soft skills training, technical computer training, and job placement assistance are offered during these intimate and engaging sessions. Upon successfully completing this program, Carlos is now a full-time employee at Amazon!

To Carlos, we say congratulations! Keep striving to be your best, and we are honored to have helped you on this journey. We will be sure to stay up to date on his journey.

To learn more about the different programs Carlos took advantage of, such as our homebuyers workshops, our Tech Futures class and more, contact us for more information.


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