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Navigating the Challenges at Year-15 with Difficult Partners in LIHTC Partnerships

Opa-locka Community Development Corporation just won a landmark decision in the fight to preserve affordable, locally-owned housing for nonprofit developers participating in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program. A new breed of economic investors, “aggregators”, have been trying to take over LIHTC properties by entering into agreements late and doing away with nonprofit rights. This panel, featuring Dr. Willie Logan, Shahrzad Emami, Dave Davenport, and Iris Jones will discuss the latest 11th Judicial Circuit Court decision, so that non-profit developers of tax credit properties can best protect themselves, their affordable housing developments, and the communities they serve. At a time when some private investors use their wealth, resources, and sophistication to take advantage of non-profits, we are happy to have this decision in our arsenal. We will discuss how to take this win, and build a strategy state- and nation-wide.

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