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SVP Miami Selects OLCDC for Investee Program

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

We're excited to announce that Social Venture Partners' venture philanthropist Partners have selected their second cohort of Investees for their Investee Program, and OLCDC has been chosen as one of the few among the many.

Opa-locka Community Development Corporation (OLCDC), will receive project-based support from SVP's Partners for one year or more.  Although North Miami-Dade is just a few miles away from the county center, it suffers from persistent poverty and unemployment, with 45% living below the poverty line in some areas.  OLCDC has a holistic model of wraparound services that is transforming North Miami-Dade communities into vibrant neighborhoods by improving access to health, education, employment, art, safety and affordable housing, for over 5,000 people annually. 

As part of our model, we at OLCDC want to expand upon our current technology education offerings and create a Tech Hire Center. Offering industry-certified training programs in IT fields such as cybersecurity, network administration, coding and project management, the Tech Hire Center will provide the training, experience and support necessary for residents to access jobs in the IT field, putting them on a pathway to middle class lives. SVP Miami will assist OLCDC to launch and operationalize the Tech Hire Center.


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