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Top 5 reasons to donate to OLCDC on Give Miami Day

There are a lot of ways to describe Miami—vibrant, diverse, and hot come to mind. But around this time of year, there’s one word that captures the spirit of the community better than the rest: generous.

Why? Because this is the time of year when email inboxes and social media feeds flood with messages about Give Miami Day, the annual online charitable giving movement led by the Miami Foundation.

Any generous soul that wants to support a local cause with a contribution between $25 and $10,000 will be able to find a worthy cause among the hundreds of nonprofits participating in the 2022 Give Miami Day campaign, including the Opa-locka Community Development Corporation.

If you’re considering making a donation on Give Miami Day, here are five reasons why OLCDC should be at the top of your giving list.

Affordable Housing

If you’ve spent any time in Miami-Dade County, you know that it’s an expensive place to live. In fact, a recent report lists Miami as the second least affordable place to live in the US. That’s why providing access to affordable housing has been the bedrock of the OLCDC mission since the organization was founded in 1980.

In the last four decades, OLCDC has helped develop and rehabilitate nearly 3,000 housing units, including single-family homes and multi-family developments for low-income individuals, families and seniors.

While we’re proud of the impact we’ve made over the years, there’s more work to be done. And OLCDC is committed to this work for the long haul.

Small Business Capital & Support

Small businesses are the engine that powers the South Florida economy. But too many entrepreneurs in under-resourced communities lack access to the information, capital and support systems they need to create sustainable enterprises.

OLCDC provides small business loans, technical assistance and business know-how to minority entrepreneurs and small businesses through its subsidiary company, the Community Fund of North Miami Dade. The CFNMD is a mission-based lender and certified CDFI that serves Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Each year, more than 600 individuals take advantage of our free workshops, business counseling services, and loans in order to start, strengthen and scale their businesses.

Accessible Art & Cultural Programming

At OLCDC, we believe that art has a transformational impact on communities, and it’s not just wishful thinking. Studies show that adding cultural resources to low-income communities can improve health, security, and education outcomes.

Public art installations such as the Opa-locka Light District along Opa-locka Boulevard and the All Power to All People sculpture by Hank Willis Thomas at Town Center Apartments bring extraordinary art experiences into ordinary spaces. OLCDC also uses its Arts and Recreation Center (the ARC) to bring high-quality art exhibitions and cultural events into the heart of downtown Opa-locka.

Financial Empowerment for All Ages & Stages

OLCDC works to transform under-resourced communities into equitable and sustainable ecosystems where residents and businesses can move out of poverty and into prosperity. Our financial empowerment strategies are a big part of this work.

Our financial counseling services teach people the basics of budgeting, saving, investing and financial management. And our homeownership programs have helped thousands of people achieve the dream of homeownership to build generational wealth for themselves and their families.

Empowering Residents

At its core, OLCDC isn’t here to just deliver programs and services to the community. We want to spark transformation. Not only do we help residents and businesses access resources, but we also support them in finding better ways to advocate for themselves. We help residents understand and navigate institutional systems, empowering them to create the change they desire.

No matter what cause you care most about, you’re sure to find an organization to support on Give Miami Day. But when you make a donation to OLCDC, you’ll support many causes at once and help create lasting change for the greater Miami-Dade community.


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